• chagama is our retail shop in central Shizuoka city. In our shop you can experience a different way of drinking and enjoying green tea that is still based on traditional ways.
    1F Passage Takajo 2-10-7 Takajo, Aoi-ward, Shizuoka-city
    10AM-19PM MON-CLOSED (Holidays OPEN)

    TEL +81 (0)54 260 4775 / URL http://www.facebook.com/chagamarumo
  • We recommend the sencha expresso at chagama. Smell the rich aroma that comes from green tea under high pressure, and taste the distincitive flavour of our Sencha all at once, its subtle bitterness and sweetness resembling the high class Gyokuro tea.
  • At our shop we offer more than 100 kinds of green tea. Our selection of teas available in the shop are especially selected by one of our tea specialists at Marumo Mori who is the only certified tea appraiser in Shizuoka. You can sample many different kinds of teas from different growing areas. If you stop by our shop for a rest, we will make you a fresh cup of hot green tea.
  • We supply our shop with freshly made green tea from our processing plant every morning because we believe that the most important factor in making a good cup of tea is freshness. All of chagama’s tea is packed in transparent 50g packages that are about one week’s worth of tea. We want you to try and enjoy the different flavours and aromas of the teas that we offer.
  • We also offer convenient tea bags. The tea bags sold at chagama are a tetra type which enable the tea leaves to soften right when put in water. Our selection of tea bags includes tea bags for cold tea, flavoured tea and other types of tea made from our carefully selected tea leaves.
  • Our tea packages and tea cans have elegant simple designs that make them perfect for gifts, whatever the occasion. We also offer other tea products such as Japanese teapots and tea cups.
  • The tea experts at chagama are among the best in Japan. Their expertise also extends to snacks that go with green tea. Our assortment of snacks are made from unique ingredients from all around Japan. Our snacks are unique and available exclusively at our shop.
  • We offer several kinds of boxed sets of green tea, tea snacks and tea accessories that make perfect gifts. Our boxed sets have an elegant simple design with the unique chagama logo.
Retail shop run by Marumo Mori
Where you can try 100 different kinds of green tea  e-store