Company Name MARUMO MORI Co., Ltd.
    Address 3-27 Anzai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka
    420-0011 JAPAN
    Contact Tel +81 (0)54 252 2860 Fax +81 (0)54 251 5916
    E-mail marumo@ochanet.com
    Capital 12,000,000 yen
    Products Japanese green tea and related products
    Foundation Year 1877
    Established as a Company 10, November, 1958
    Chairman Toshimasa Mori
    President & CEO Nobuki Mori
    Director Teruaki Yatsu
    Languages Japanese / English

    The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Award in 1996
    The Bureau of Horticulture in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Award in 1998

    ・ Japanese Tea Appraiser

    ・ Japanese Tea Instructor

    ・ Japanese Tea Advisor

    ・ Tea Examiner 9th Level

    ・ Tea Examiner 7th Level
      (won the All-Japan Tea-Testing Competition twice )

    one each

  • Using nature’s gift to make green tea by traditional techniques

    Marumo Mori is a tea processing manufacturer established in 1877 in Shizuoka, Japan’s leading green tea producing prefecture. We overlook the entire production process at our plant in Shizuoka where we combine traditional techniques with the latest technology. In our team we have two tea specialists, including the only tea appraiser in Shizuoka. One of them has won the All Nippon Tea Testing competition twice. We can supply up to 2000 kilograms of tea daily, as well as other services that add value to our great tasting tea.
  • About Marumo Mori

    Shizuoka is the most well known tea producing prefecture in Japan. We are located at the foot of Mt Fuji where the conditions for growing green tea are perfect. We are a very well established company that has been doing business with prominent tea specialty stores for 137 years. We control the entire tea producing process at our plant where we combine traditional tea producing techniques with the latest quality control technology.td>
  • Expertise in tea appraisal

    The work of a tea manufacturer entails the long process from sourcing the leaves to producing the tea. High quality tea can’t be produced without stringent appraisal of the quality, taste, and fragrance of the tea at all stages of the production process. At Marumo, we are proud to have two tea specialists, who have won the All-Japan Tea-Testing Competition twice. We also have the only tea appraiser in Shizuoka City, who possesses level 9 tea appraisal skills (level 10 is the highest level).

    The work of a tea manufacturer entails a long process, starting from sourcing the leaves to producing the tea. High quality tea cannot be made without strict quality control regarding quality, taste, and aroma at all stages of the production process. At Marumo we are proud to have two tea specialists, one of which has won the All Nippon Tea Testing competition twice. Our other tea specialist is the only certified tea appraiser in Shizuoka prefecture. He possesses a level 9 in appraisal skills (level 10 being the highest).

  • Great taste and high quality

    The carefully selected quality tea leaves we use are all grown in Japan. We control every stage of the process, leaf procurement, tea production and wholesaling, to make sure that the quality of our tea is not compromised in any way. To create various delicious flavours of tea, we use five heating machines that are unique in the industry. Four of them operate at four different temperatures and the fifth is a state of the art microwave heater. Our tea is sealed with nitrogen and stays fresh throughout the year as it is stored in our refrigerated storage facility.
  • Stable supply

    We are able to provide a steady supply of tea to our customers as 70% of our tea leaves come from contracted farmers who exclusively supply Marumo. We pride ourselves on our good relationships with the approximately 200 tea farmers who supply us with tea leaves. Our company president personally visits the farmers to discuss the quality and condition of unprocessed tea leaves. We also procure unprocessed green tea from other areas of Japan to maintain a stable supply in case bad weather conditions or natural disasters affect our local supply. We operate two production lines with a daily output of 2000 kilograms of tea.
  • Quality control

    Japanese tea is often a blend of teas sourced from over 200 regions around Japan. For this reason, few manufacturers in Japan can provide immediate details regarding the exact origin of tea leaves. At Marumo Mori we have overcome this issue by having a sophisticated tracing system where product data is all digitally recorded so that we can promptly answer any customer queries regarding tea quality and origin of tea leaves. If a quality issue arises, we will deal with it promptly and offer a replacement lot.
    We monitor our tea carefully to eliminate any pesticide residue or foreign matter in our green tea
    Our Sumiyoshi plant is equipped with the latest equipment for quality control, based on HACCP standards to ensure high quality products. We obtained an ISO9001 certification in 2008 and have external consultants inspect our green tea production three times a year as part of our commitment to consistent quality.
  • International sales

    We export tea to customers in Belgium, China, the Czech Republic, Germany and Taiwan. We have experience working with customers from abroad and we are looking to build more relationships with customers from abroad. Even if you do not know any Japanese, please do not hesitate to contact us in English if you have any queries regarding our company, our products or doing business with us. We will do our best to respond to your query as promptly as possible. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
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