• Procurement of the best quality tea leaves

    Hand-picking of First Grade Tea
    Quality Appraisement of Procured Tea leaves

    To make excellent quality green tea, the first step for a green tea producer is to procure unprocessed green tea from farmers. At Marumo Mori the unprocessed green tea that we purchase to make green tea products is carefully examined by two professionals. Mr. Nobuki Mori is a 9th level tea examiner, the only certified tea examiner in Shizuoka city, and Mr. Teruaki Yatsu is a 7th level tea examiner who is a two time champion in the All Nippon Tea Testing Competition. The roles of Mr. Mori and Mr. Yatsu include procuring the highest quality tea leaves as well as visiting tea plantations and conducting business meetings with the dedicated green tea growers who supply us with green tea leaves.
  • Careful screening and heating

    Screening Work
    Color Screening Machine

    Procured unprocessed tea goes through three processes to become green tea ready for consumption. First is screening, where the tea leaves are filtered by quality and size. The second step is trimming, where the leaves are cut to the same size. Finally comes heating, where the leaves are dried to preserve their taste and aroma. While most of the work is done by machines, we still need the expertise of an experienced green tea craftsperson. As the condition of tea leaves changes day by day because of humidity and other factors, we need experienced professionals to make small adjustments to the processing which machines cannot do. This is especially true in the heating process which, just like coffee roasting, needs careful attention as the results affect the taste of the final product. At Marumo Mori we are proud of our craftsmanship approach to making green tea.
  • Creating the perfect blend

    Process of Blending
    Cutting-Edge Blending Machine

    Farmers make excellent quality unprocessed tea. Tea processing manufacturers make excellent tasting green tea catering to customers’ tastes. As great taste cannot be derived only from one type of tea, the most important factor in making great tasting tea is blending. Marumo Mori enhances the flavor of the tea by blending different types of tea from different areas. Just as coffee has original blends depending on producers and coffee shops, we also offer you our unique great tasting blends of tea. We produce the best blends of tea by trying out and experimenting with many different combinations in our blending machines before we choose the best one. Our aim is not just to produce great tasting tea but the best tasting Japanese tea.
  • Preserving freshness

    Auto Gas Charging and Packaging Device for Small Bag
    Head Office Refrigerator

    While it is essential that tea leaves are of good quality, it is more important to have fresh green tea leaves for an excellent green tea. You can really taste the difference in tea made from fresh green tea leaves. At Marumo Mori we preserve the freshness of unprocessed tea procured in the new tea leaf season by sealing it with nitrogen. The sealed tea is stored in large cold store rooms which keep the unprocessed tea in optimum conditions. We do not store processed tea ready for consumption. We only process tea once it has been ordered by a customer. This is our great tasting Japanese green tea. We hope that you enjoy it.
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